What are the benefits of using electric scooters over other vehicles or walking?

What are the benefits of using electric scooters over other vehicles or walking?



When it comes to portability, the electric scooter is practically unrivalled. A foldable electric scooter makes it easy to carry onto other forms of transport, walking up stairs and taking it into buildings.

While each electric scooter model has a different folding system, they are designed to be easy to use. You will find that most have a latch or lever system to fold the scooter in half. Some may have a hook to keep the scooter folded in place or you’ll hear a sound that will tell you it’s locked.

However, not all electric scooters are foldable. If portability is what attracts you to buying an electric scooter, research models that have this function.


Electric scooters are so quiet that you don’t even hear them coming down the street. When you walk around a city, most of the noise that you hear comes from cars, trucks and buses. Unlike these other kinds of transport, e-scooters are quiet and can get you around town quickly.

Affordable to run

Cars are expensive because you need to pay for registration, licensing, petrol and parking. Public transport costs can also add up if you use it every day unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where it’s free.

An electric scooter is cheap to run because it just requires electricity to charge it. This can take between 2-5 hours on average, depending on what kind of e-scooter model you own. There are also few maintenance costs for an electric scooter, making it one of the cheapest ways to get around. You can read more about the costs of owning an electric scooter here.


Let’s be honest, the U.S.’s public transport isn’t great compared to other countries. Even in large cities such as Los Angeles and New York, you usually need to check in advance when the next bus or train is coming.  

Owning an electric scooter means you can leave home when you want and have a fairly good idea of how long it’ll take you to get from A to B. This doesn’t happen with other modes of transport unless you’re riding a bicycle or walking.

While driving a car is faster than riding an electric scooter, they get stuck in traffic and when there are road accidents, heavy delays can follow. The same can happen for public transport such as maintenance on train tracks or bad weather. An electric scooter is a much more convenient way of getting around.

Faster than walking

Walking is an enjoyable activity, but sometimes you just want to get to where you’re going. Sometimes walking can also be highly inconvenient if you’re carrying large parcels and are getting weighed down.

Electric scooters can zip around very quickly, so even if you’ve got a heavy backpack or groceries from the shops, you’ll be able to get home faster. Walking in the city is usually quite congested as well, which is why you can move a lot faster when you’re able to use the bike paths and lanes that are traffic-free.

There are lots of fast electric scooters available on the market and some of them can reach speeds of 30-40 km/h.