Coming Soon! Segway SuperScooter GT1 and GT2: Perform the Future

Coming Soon! Segway SuperScooter GT1 and GT2: Perform the Future

43.5 mph Top Speed* | 56-Mile Range* | 0-30 mph in 3.9S* | Dual Suspension | 6000W Output with 2WD


Innovated by our team at Segway, the Segway SuperScooter GT Series is a real racing machine that offers the most exciting rides. The ultra-powerful dual 1500W* motors with a peak power of 6000W* enable a top speed of up to 43.5 mph* (70 kph) and 0-30 mph acceleration in only 3.9 seconds*.

Thanks to the 1,512Wh* high-performance battery with a HeatFlux Multi-layer Cooling System, the Segway SuperScooter GT Series reaches a range of up to 55.9 miles*. The advanced BMS system with 10 protection functions ensures the longevity of the battery cells and your safety at all times. Get ready for a long ride you have never experienced before!

With the Segway SuperScooter GT Series, you have total control. Features a powerful braking system that includes both front and rear hydraulic brakes with double pistons and 5.5-inch (140mm) ventilation discs.

The Segway SuperScooter GT Series features a double-wishbone suspension in the front and a trailing-arm suspension in the rear of the scooter to ensure a safe ride. In addition, it has 15 levels of front/rear damper adjustable hydraulic shocks for maximum ride comfort and off-road capabilities.

The Segway SuperScooter GT Series has two 11-inch tubeless all-season tires with 3.6-inch (92mm) width and self-sealing function. The 0.1-0.2 inch (3mm - 6mm) self-repair seal inside the tires withstands multiple punctures without leaks.

The all-new SDTC system* allows torque adjustment between the two motors to increase traction on trails or slippery roads for better performance and safety

The aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame made with extrusion techniques has a maximum payload of up to 330Lbs (150KG). The frame of the SuperScooter GT series features great strength and is ready for tough challenges at all times. 

Equipped with a long wheelbase, low center of gravity and wide riding deck, the GT Series offers better control and exceptional riding stability even at higher speeds.

The rider has the option to twist the supercar-like shifting knob to select different riding modes (Park, Eco, Sport, Race) with the option to press down to choose the exclusive “Boost mode” for blasting speed and “Walk mode” for easier maneuvering.

Designed with safety in mind, the Segway SuperScooter GT Series is equipped with 900 Lumens LED front light, LED daytime running light, and turning signal lights in the front and rear of the scooter. You can also customize the atmosphere light to show off your personality.

Our Segway team has developed the SuperScooter GT Series with the best performance in mind. Thus, we invited professional scooter riders to a race track and tested our SuperScooter with other similar products on the market. Please refer to the chart below for the real-world testing results.

Thanks to the powerful motors, new sturdy frames and suspension systems, the SuperScooter GT2 outperformed all the competitors and the GT1 holds the best in its price range. If you are looking for high-speed and a wild ride, the Segway SuperScooter GT series is your obvious choice.

The engine simulator wireless speaker delivers realistic engine roars based on the device's accelerator, brake and other signals and can reproduce 4 different sound effects for an immersive riding experience. When you don't want to hear the roar of the engine, use it as a Bluetooth speaker to blast your favorite tunes as you ride.