Can riding an electric scooter keep you fit?

Can riding an electric scooter keep you fit?

Exercise is important for everyone, no matter their age. Physical activity can improve muscle strength and boost endurance. Exercise can help us in other ways too including:

-   Improving our mood

 -   Boosting our energy

 -   Sleeping better

 -   Controlling our weight

 -   Combating health conditions and diseases 


If you’ve ever had a regular exercise routine, then you’ve probably noticed an improvement in yourself.

But you may be asking, what does this have to do with electric scooters?

Well, electric scooters actually do give you more of a workout than you’d think.

While we’re not saying that you’re going to start shedding kilos after a few scooter rides; there are other areas of health and fitness that will benefit from riding your scooter including core development, balance and coordination.

Is riding an electric scooter good exercise?

Kick scooters, as we mentioned in a previous article, will give you much more of a workout than an e-scooter because you need to kick yourself along to propel the scooter forward. However, an e-scooter can also help you get some exercise into your daily routine.